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Android Text To Speech

Android sdk is coming with a very simple to use method to speak out your text in Many languages. We can simply access the method without importing any library or any other external sdk. Step 1: Implement TextToSpeech to your Activity You will have to implement the TextToSpeechOnInitListener this will tell you the status of the Text to Speech client. public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements

Android Material Text Input

Here i have a beginners tutorial for Android Material Text Input. This gives better user experience than the traditional EditText with moving Text Hint which automatically moves and shrinks to up when the text is filled or the input is Focused. Follow the step by step tutorial . Step 1 : Add Dependancies You need to add Android Design Library  and appcompat Library to your android project ( build.Gradle In App Fol

Android Sign In Using Google | Firebase Auth | No Server Required | Free

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup google sign in to your application without server side code using firebase. Firebase is an amazing tool it enables many features such as Analytics, Admob, Database, Hosting, Authentication, Dynamic links ,Authentication etc. The major goal of Firebase is that it do not need any server side codes. Complete Video Tutorial Download Code : Download Step 1:Get your SHA Fing

Android Live Screen Mirroring on Ubuntu Using ADB Connection

In this article I will show you how to mirror your android device screen on your Ubuntu PC with a Working adb Connection. If you are already completed the setup procedure of android studio or eclipse with android sdk then you can proceed to the Following steps   Prerequisites A physical android device A Ubuntu PC Connected to Internet (Internet is for downloading the ffmpeg player)   How It Works Andro

Android Push Notification Using Firebase Cloud Messaging

Firebase Notifications is a free service that enables targeted user notifications for mobile app developers. Built on Firebase Cloud Messaging and the FCM SDK, Firebase Notifications (Notifications) provides an option for developers and organizations seeking a flexible notification platform that requires minimal coding effort to get started, and a graphical console for sending messages. Using the Notifications con